Experience of use Exodermin

Miguel, Berlin, experience with Exodermin cream

The experience of using Hans from Berlin's Exodermin cream

For a long time I could not get rid of the fungus. I've been going to the pool for 2 years, but last time I forgot my slates and went barefoot. After that, I contracted a fungal infection. She moved on to the nails, the problem became more neglected, so for a long time I looked for a drug that would help me. I read reviews about Exodermin, learned how to use it, hope was born that I would put an end to the infection. I have been using the cream for 20 days, it seems that all the symptoms have passed, the itch is gone, all the cracks have started to heal. He stopped the therapy and after 2 weeks it happened again. My complaint was this: because the annotation does not say that with the third form of the fungus it is necessary to heal longer.

Application of Exodermin cream

Exodermis cream by affecting the area of the appearance of the fungus helps to eliminate the following symptoms:

  • itchy skin
  • burning and tingling sensation
  • unpleasant smell
  • fragility and delamination of the nail plate,
  • dry skin and flaking,
  • the appearance of cracks and swelling,
  • reduces sensitivity in the area of redness.
Photo of the cream on the hand, experience using Exodermin

Also, the drug Exodermin has a cooling effect, prevents the virus from spreading to healthy skin areas and eliminates post-fungal pigmentation of the nail plate. The cream can be used for prophylactic purposes even after the disease has been eliminated.

As for me, I will take note of the following facts:

  1. It moisturizes the skin and has a lymphatic effect, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate post-fungal cracks in the heels and feet.
  2. Creates a thin protective layer on the skin that prevents reinfection.
  3. Thanks to the refreshing effect, it acts as a deodorant, thus reducing the degree of sweating of the feet and the creation of pathogenic microorganisms.

After continuing to use the cream, all symptoms disappeared forever. Hope my Exodermin review will help you cure the fungus. The main thing to remember is that you need to use the cream throughout the course.